Organize your web apps in a smart way

Access all your cloud applications from a single place. Stay updated of all your messages & notifications.
Track your web app usage.

Take control of your work apps

Appwharf is designed to make you more productive by changing the way you interact with your work applications.


Smart workspace help you organize web applications and provide easy access to your SaaS directly through the dashboard.

Message & Notifications

Get messages and notifications from all your apps in a oragnised and easy to use format.
Stay updated with just one dashboard.

Time Usage

Track how are you spending your time on various applications and understand what are your effective work hours.

Spend Tracker

This helps you get a clear picture of how much you are spending on your SaaS apps and how to reduce redundant expense.

Application Control

Manage all your saas subscriptions directly from here you can add remove and renew any subscriptions.

Ease of access

Easily access data between applications without going through the entire web interface using appwharf EOA features.